Frequently Asked Questions about our eco-friendly palm leaf tableware:

What is disposable palm leaf tableware?
Our palm leaf plates & bowls are made from naturally fallen areca palm leaves that are collected by local farmers in South Indian & Sri Lankan peninsula. These leaves are then washed in the spring water and heat pressed into desired shape. Our products are 100% natural, safe and eco friendly.

Are your palm leaf products sustainable?
No trees are cut down during the process. An areca palm leaf tree sheds about eight times a year, making it sustainable and renewable resource. We have proudly partnered up with local start ups across 3 different states in South India, who employ majority rural female workers. Being a company led by She/Her/Hers, Eco Leaf Products are a big supporter female empowerment & ethical trading.

Are any chemicals added during the manufacturing of these plates?
No chemicals/additives/toxins/polish is used in manufacturing of these plates. Only water & heat is used throughout the process.

Is any chemical added to these plates which adds to its aroma?
All these plates are made from natural palm leaves and each leaf carries a natural aroma. No artificial scent is added at any stage of manufacturing process.

Is any tree harmed/cut for getting raw material for these plates?
No, only naturally fallen leaves who have completed their life cycle are used for manufacturing of these products. The raw material source is completely sustainable and no tree is harmed at all.

No two plates look exactly same. Why is that so?
No two leaves are the same, and hence no two palm leaf dishes are the same. These plates are made from natural palm leaves with no chemical used; each plate carries a unique character. Their may be slight variation in the product color, size and texture. It is common and perfectly normal to see some of the plates with discolored spots and irregular shades. This is the beauty & an important feature of our natural products, made from palm leaves.

Can we use the Eco Leaf Products' palm leaf tableware in microwave, oven & fridge?
Yes. Our palm leaf plates are suitable for microwave use for 2 minutes at 800W, oven safe for around 30 minutes at 180 degree celsius. The food will not react with the product material. 

How strong are these palm leaf dinnerware?
Our products are very sturdy and can even be used for serving full meals! This makes them an ideal choice for buffet to be held in the hand. Palm leaf plates are much stronger than bagasse or paper plates.

Are Eco Leaf Products' plates costly?
No, despite being ecofriendly & sturdy, these plates are very economical and even cheaper than other available options of same strength. Our palm leaf plates can also be used in business organizations like food outlets, hotels, restaurants etc.

How do I dispose used plates and bowls?
Our product are biodegradable and compostable. Because there is no bonding agents, wax coatings or chemicals; it becomes good organic compost when disintegrates. You can simply put it in backyard composting bins. In the absence of home compost bins, our palm leaf plates can be disposed off in regular trash or food waste bins, as they will decompose naturally in a landfill. You don't need a commercial composting facility to do so.

How long will it take for Eco Leaf Products' palm leaf plates to decompose?
Our palm leaf plates will fully decompose in 6-8 weeks leaving behind nutrient rich compose. Like most organic matter, the duration of decomposition depends on few factors such as composting process used, humidity, heat etc.

Is Eco Leaf Products' natural palm leaf tableware compostable?
Yes, 100% compostable for reasons explained in above two points.

Are Eco Leaf Products' palm leaf plates sturdy for an outdoor event?
If you have never used palm leaf disposable tableware, you will be surprised how strong and sturdy they are. Our products are of premium export quality for European market. Our plates will not bend, snap or become saggy with the weight of the food unlike paper/plastic plates.

Can I clean and reuse any of your palm leaf products?
Although palm leaf plates and bowls are intended for one-time use, there is nothing stopping you from re-using especially after dry food consumption. When used for non-sticky/non-curry type food, the plates and bowls can simply be washed with hot water or wiped clean.

Why are some of your products wrapped in plastic?
It's the first question that may come to your mind when you open your order. What an irony that these eco-leaf plates are wrapped in plastic, ay! Being a leaf, it absorbs moisture from the environment and without proper protection, the plate's shape could be deformed/bend. We have tried other options like plant based cellulose but not much luck so far. We are constantly working on R&D with our suppliers, and are looking at innovative options to reduce plastic usage. However, until then, little plastic use is inevitable due to health & safety regulations placed upon us by UK law & customs. 

We strive to be more sustainable; therefore, we use post-consumer recycled plastic. We are working on innovation solutions, such as biolefin, to reduce our reliance on plastic. We will keep you informed of any advancements we make.

I still have a question that wasn't answered.
Simply drop us a line on contact@ecoleafproducts.co.uk and a member of our team will respond as soon as possible.