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8 Compartment Bagasse Disposable Plates - Compostable Extra Large 12" x 10"

8 Compartment Bagasse Disposable Plates - Compostable Extra Large 12" x 10"

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For a robust, heat-resistant plate that won't seep oil or leak through, look no further than our Compostable 8 Compartment Bagasse Plate White. Even the oiliest of foods, such as burgers, won't leave a sodden disaster for you to clean up. Say goodbye to single-use plastics and embrace the eco-conscious alternative. These biodegradable, compostable plates made from sugarcane fibre can handle hot and cold foods alike, making them perfect for catered events or wedding receptions. Popular in the Asian community and known as Thali, our Bagasse plates are ideal for BBQs, parties, and more.

Product dimensions:
  • 45.00
  • 32 cm
  • 23 cm
  • 3 cm
Discover the perfect harmony between style and sustainability with our sugarcane plates, crafted from sustainably sourced bagasse for an eco-friendly dining experience. Compostable, biodegradable and reliable, these disposable plates prove that looking great and doing good go hand in hand! Enjoy unbeatable eco-credentials - 100% biodegradable and compostable - and unbeatable value. Get your eco-friendly plates to enhance your next event, indoor or outdoor, all while protecting the planet without breaking the bank!


About this item:

  • GOOD FOR ENVIRONMENT: Crafted from sustainably sourced sugarcane fibers, these plates are 100% biodegradable and perfectly compostable, making them a great eco-friendly choice.
  • HEAVY-DUTY PLATES: Crafted with superior strength and cut-resistance, our small round Compostable & Disposable Plate has no plastic or wax lining and is leak-proof. Plus, you can both freeze and microwave them!
  • 100% BAGASSE SUGARCANE FIBER: Harnessing the renewable plant fibers of Sugarcane, this material is an environmentally friendly choice that proudly sustains and renews!
  • HOST PARTIES WITH EASE: This plate is made of superior quality and is perfect for family get togethers, school lunches, company dinners, barbecues, picnics, birthdays, weddings, and more!
  • 100% RISK-FREE GUARANTEE: Our bagasse biodegradable plates are crafted to exceed your expectations; if you're ever unsatisfied, simply connect with us and we'll make it right!

Our strong disposable sugarcane bagasse plates do not bend or collapse under weight and you can hold your food confidently with one hand. Suitable for any type of food – hot, cold, dry, wet, sticky, sweet, spicy – you name it!

Eco-friendly disposable plates ideal for birthday parties, weddings, camping, BBQ, picnic, home use, corporate and catering events. Made from bagasse sugarcane pulp, our biodegradable plates are 100% natural and free from chemicals or harmful ingredients. Our eco plates are biodegradable and can be used instead of paper and plastic plates that are harmful to the environment. Bagasse dinnerware is compostable at home or in industrial composting facilities. It will degrade naturally leaving behind nothing but nutrient rich compost.

Microwave and Freezer safe.


    Our palm leaf plates and bowls are made from fallen areca palm leaves. No chemical, dyes or toxins are used. Each product is hand trimmed to ensure neat finish and tidy edges.

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    We offer a no quibble returns policy. Simply drop us an e-mail to initiate returns process.

    Care & Disposal Instructions

    Palm leaf plates, bowls and platters are fit for use with microwave and oven for low heating. Although made for one time use, there is nothing stopping from re-using after dry food consumption.

    To dispose our palm leaf tableware products, simply use garden composting bin or food waste bin. Our palm leaf plates will fully decompose in 6-8 weeks leaving behind nutrient rich compose.

    For all other items such as coconut shells and wooden food boats, please refer to care instructions displayed on respective pages. If you have any other product related query, drop us a line on

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