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Cheap Compostable Party Plates - Disposable Plates

Cheap Compostable Party Plates - Disposable Plates

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Our eco-friendly party pack bundle consists of

  • 9" Round Plates
  • 7" Round Starter Plates
  • 8oz White Recyclable Paper Cups
  • 4-in-1 Wooden Cutlery Pack (fork, knife, spoon, napkin)

Available in packs of 50 and 100. 

50 bundle - 50 x plates, 50 x small plates, 50 x cups, 50 x cutlery pack

100 bundle - 100 x plates, 100 x small plates, 100 x cups, 100 x cutlery pack

Feeling festive? Why not go green with our biodegradable party plates? Our party pack is the ideal choice for guilt-free and sustainable gatherings. Made from sugarcane bagasse material and completely compostable, it's perfect for groups ranging from 25 to 100 people. Embrace eco-consciousness and party on with Compostable Party Plates - All-Inclusive Bundles.

Whether it's a small shindig or a big bash, you can party with a clear conscience knowing you're not harming the environment.


Our palm leaf plates and bowls are made from fallen areca palm leaves. No chemical, dyes or toxins are used. Each product is hand trimmed to ensure neat finish and tidy edges.

Shipping & Returns

FREE Delivery on all orders over £50 ex-VAT.

For orders under £50 ex-VAT, delivery costs is £2.99 only.

We offer a no quibble returns policy. Simply drop us an e-mail to initiate returns process.

Care & Disposal Instructions

Palm leaf plates, bowls and platters are fit for use with microwave and oven for low heating. Although made for one time use, there is nothing stopping from re-using after dry food consumption.

To dispose our palm leaf tableware products, simply use garden composting bin or food waste bin. Our palm leaf plates will fully decompose in 6-8 weeks leaving behind nutrient rich compose.

For all other items such as coconut shells and wooden food boats, please refer to care instructions displayed on respective pages. If you have any other product related query, drop us a line on

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