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Round Polished Textured Coconut Bowls 400ml

Round Polished Textured Coconut Bowls 400ml

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Round Polished Coconut Shell With Texture (400ml-450ml) bowls are made from natural coconut shells (from the land of coconuts - Kerala, India).

Get your polished coconut bowl and add goodness of nature in your life. Made from coconuts which are discarded as waste after their juice and flesh have been used, the coconut shells are extracted and are thoroughly cleaned. It is then hand-cut and sanded to enhance the natural texture of its surface.

Local artisans craft each coconut shell with meticulous attention to detail. The shells are cut, sanded to remove most of the husk, oil polished and dried in the sun, resulting in an individualized shape and design that is nature-made.

Unlike plastics, which are made from various chemical compounds, our Coconut Bowls are 100% natural. From tree to table, these bowls are never exposed to chemicals that could cause harm to our health and wellbeing. 

Use these bowls for having salads, soups, fruits, rice, porridge, chats, for serving, as a snack bowl, ice cream or cereals, for porridge, to mix masks and packs etc. Oh, and not to forget, it can also be used to serve pina-colada, mojito, cocktails, mocktails or just water... 

Coconut bowls can last a lifetime with the right care and are very durable. Coconut shells are re-usable after dry usage, or recycled in various other forms such as candles, bird feeder, decor hanging etc.

Dimension:  Round Shaped Polished Coconut Shells are 10-12cm in diameter and 6-8cm in depth. These shells are fully polished, yet hold a rough natural texture. Please note there will be variation in each of the coconut shell's shape, size and thickness due to its natural formation. 

Materials Discarded natural coconut shell
Care Description

– Do not use with hot foods.

– Hand wash with luke warm soapy water and do not put it dishwasher.

– Do not use it in microwave, oven, refrigerator and dishwasher.

– After every 15-20 washes you can polish your bowl with Coconut oil.

Height 2.9 inch (approx.)
Length 5.5 inch (approx.)
Width 5.5 inch (approx.)
Weight  105 grm
Colour Natural Brown
Brand Eco Leaf Products
Origin Handmade in India
Other Coconuts occur naturally, the size of each bowl will slightly vary from one another. Each bowl is unique.


Our palm leaf plates and bowls are made from fallen areca palm leaves. No chemical, dyes or toxins are used. Each product is hand trimmed to ensure neat finish and tidy edges.

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FREE Delivery on all orders over £50 ex-VAT.

For orders under £50 ex-VAT, delivery costs is £2.99 only.

We offer a no quibble returns policy. Simply drop us an e-mail to initiate returns process.

Care & Disposal Instructions

Palm leaf plates, bowls and platters are fit for use with microwave and oven for low heating. Although made for one time use, there is nothing stopping from re-using after dry food consumption.

To dispose our palm leaf tableware products, simply use garden composting bin or food waste bin. Our palm leaf plates will fully decompose in 6-8 weeks leaving behind nutrient rich compose.

For all other items such as coconut shells and wooden food boats, please refer to care instructions displayed on respective pages. If you have any other product related query, drop us a line on

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